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Catalysts for Change

Our business was founded on face-to-face Executive coaching.

For most business owners, substantial change and progress is best facilitated through on-site, personal interaction and coaching.  Even the best athlete knows that a trained observer, and someone that knows how to effectively coach them, is a required element of their success.  


  We bring the skills of a global network of business experts to your business.


By inviting other business owners to join us on a conference call, you work together to solve each others issues and help you pursue your desires.

What's new...

Redwood Executive Group

Has recently moved from it’s New Jersey base to Central New York.  Additionally, we’ve added technology and services that expand our reach and your options

We have added phone based coaching for those who are on the go.

We have also added “virtual board” meetings.

This requires a very focused and task driven commitment from the business owner, but expands our ability to be wherever the business owner is located.

This can be done with a simple telephone or video call.